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What is a Spotify Gift Card?

For those of you that may be curious, this will be the best gift for music lovers this Christmas. But before you rush out to buy one, it’s important to know that you can only redeem a physical gift card once, and must be bought from the official Spotify website.

How to Get a Spotify Gift Card?

You might be looking to send a gift to a friend who’s got a subscription to Spotify. While there’s no better way to purchase a music service, one perk that comes along with a gift subscription is the option to gift a gift card to the music service you’re buying for.

How to Use a Spotify Gift Card?

To redeem a Spotify gift card, all you have to do is log in to your Spotify account and follow the instructions to get the card. Once you do, you can use the card to buy new music, pay for a subscription or, if you already have Spotify Premium or a Soundcloud premium account, to listen to all the music you’ve already bought on that service.

How to Redeem Spotify Gift Card?

Need to get a Gift Card, but you have no clue where you can get one? Well, if you’re feeling a little lost and aren’t sure how you’ll be able to get a gift card of this magnitude, we’re going to make it a little easier for you. First off, you’ll need to redeem your Gift Card by visiting a nearby redemption center. You’ll need to present your barcode along with any receipts or cash you may have for the purchase of the Gift Card.

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